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The meaning of the word Kalari is ‘an Institution to train the youth in Martial Arts using Weaponry'. The genre of martial arts practiced in the Kalari is known as Kalaripayattu. The villagers used to respectfully address the masters who trained their warriors in the Kalari as Kurup or Panicker. The Kings of Provinces also gave the salutation of Kurup / Panicker to these Aacharyas of Kalari. The term Aaacharya is to be understood as Master or “Guru of the Kalari”. After the medieval period even though there were teachers from many communities who were involved in training the youths in Kalaripayattu, the traditional community of Aacharyas who maintained Kalari and promoted Kalaripayattu were the Kurup/Panicker and later came to be known as Kalari Kurup / Kalari Panicker community.

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About Us

A self - motivated team has developed this website with a concept of bringing people of Kalari Kurup and Kalari Panicker community across the globe together under one roof. The Aim is uplift and welfare of the community with the support of Kalari kurup/kalari panicker Saghams across the world. Although the community is a small and unique, concentrated in mid kerala in the districts of Trichur, Kozhikode,Malappuram, Palaghat etc, the people have migrated all over the world. This site helps them to communicate, know about each other, know about their Sangham activities etc. with value added links like Marriage, Jobs, e-Magazine, various Sanghams, contact information of each member & mass e-mail facility. Almost all of the Kalari kurup Kalari Panicker Sanghams across the world are associated with the Kalari Dot Com Team.

Our Sanghams

  • KKPS, Trichur, Kerala - Kerala Kalari Kurup Kalari Panicker Sangam , registered under Act-2 of 1088, is an association to promote goodwill and fellowship among its members of Kalari Kurup and Kalari Panicker. Our headquarter is situated in the heart of Thrissur City. [for more .. visit www.kkps.info]

  • KKPS, Palaghat -
  • PWS, Coimbatore -
  • KKPS, Mumbai, Maharashtra -
  • Samanwaya Uae, -

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